Brightening up my flat with Prestige Flowers

There’s something quite uplifting about having flowers in the flat, and I try and have them dotted around the place as often as possible. This week, Prestige Flowers sent me a gorgeous bouquet to honestly review here, and I happily accepted, excited to see what I’d receive to brighten up the flat.

Here’s my first look at and inside the box I received:

The flowers were a beautiful mix of lilies and roses, and they smelt incredibly fresh. Roses are a favourite of mine, so it was a good match, and they’re also the kind of flowers I’d be likely to give to friends and family for special occasions.



Alongside the flowers was a cute box of truffles from Valley Chocolates. I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but the truffles were delicious and they didn’t last long!


Overall, I’m really pleased with Prestige Flowers and would thoroughly recommend them if you’re looking for something to send someone for an occasion, especially after seeing their Valentine Flowers. I was impressed with how quickly they arrived, and both the quality of the packaging and the flowers themselves were great. I’ll be keeping them in mind for friends and family in future!


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