Travel Diaries: New York, Part 2

It’s easy to get carried away when talking about travels, so I thought it was best to split my New York posts into two (you can see my first one here).

Here are some more places I’d thoroughly recommend if you’re planning a visit to NYC:


Madison Square Garden

We made the mistake of visiting New York at Thanksgiving, which although is a wonderful time of year, is very expensive! We decided to give the basketball game a miss and instead opted for an all-access tour, which was especially cool because everything was being prepared for the ice hockey game later that day (cool, ice, geddit?).


I would describe the woman who gave us the tour as a classic New Yorker, with the accent and personality I’d grown to expect after all the TV shows I’ve watched. She was so friendly and knew so much about MSG.

We were also able to see what it would be like to have an executive box to watch a game, which are mainly owned by big companies like Lexus. There were plush leather seats with small screens attached, a buffet, and brilliant views as you’d expect.

Brooklyn Bridge

For any Sex and the City fans out there, you may understand why I had a fascination with the Brooklyn Bridge. I managed to persuade Alex to let me live out my fantasy of being Miranda, on my way across the bridge to see if Steve was coming to prove our marriage could work…

Okay, so I’m crazy. And for anyone who’s not a fan of SATC, the Brooklyn Bridge is still 100% worth a visit. The views are stunning, the bridge itself is beautiful…

Oh, and it’s the perfect place to get engaged!


Yep, I walked onto the bridge a girlfriend, and left it a fiancee. Isn’t life funny?

Of course there were lots of other places we managed to see, and if you’re going I’d really recommend doing the hop on, hop off bus tours because they really allowed us to see so much. We visited other neighbourhoods like Harlem, travelled the whole way round Central Park (FYI, it’s huge), and covered so much more than we ever would have been able to if we’d chosen to walk it all.

I’m heading back out to New York later this year with my mum to celebrate a big birthday with her, so I’m fully expecting to write a part 3 and 4 in due course!

Where would you recommend I visit next time?

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