4 Podcasts To Download Before A Long Flight

Today is our last day in New York, and before we can get home, there’s the issue of the looooong flight back. 

I’m not a bad flyer, and I’m actually glad to be able to switch off from the world for 8 hours and catch up on books, podcasts, and hopefully a good amount of sleep, too.  

These are the podcasts I’ll be downloading before I get on the plane:

My Dad Wrote A Porno

I mentioned this in my post on our trip to Dublin, and have to say it still remains a firm favourite. We’re slowly making our way through series 2, and are finding it hilarious as ever. I’m hoping we won’t annoy the people sitting next to us with our giggling, but I can’t make any promises…

The Guilty Feminist

This is a must for anyone who understands how important feminism is, and at the same time loves a good laugh. Every time I listen to this I feel like I’m listening in on a conversation with friends, and I find it quite relaxing, although at times there are some really tough issues discussed. I’m slowly catching up on all the episodes, but I’m reluctant to go too fast as I don’t think I can wait a week between them! They also have an amazing Facebook group where people talk about issues that affect them and it’s a great community to be a part of. 


If you enjoy hearing people reminisce about the embarrassing things they did when they were younger (who doesn’t?!), then this ones for you. I end up laughing out loud at every single one, and it definitely makes me realise that I wasn’t the only weird one growing up. 

Women of the Hour

I’ve heard great things about this but haven’t managed to find time to listen yet, so I’m looking forward to finally getting the chance. I really like Lena Dunham, love Girls, and I get the weekly newsletter Lenny that discusses important issues. Hoping I’ll like this just as much!

PLUS: Although I won’t be downloading this as I’ve listened already, it definitely deserves a mention…


If you’re looking for a podcast that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this would be it. I didn’t enjoy season 2 so much but season 1 was incredible and I got through it extremely quickly. It follows a journalist as she tries to figure out whether an 18 year old guy currently serving time is actually guilty of the crime he was charged with. 

What podcasts would you recommend?


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