Restaurant Review: Blueprint Cafe, London

Situated on top of the Design Museum, and with incredible views of Tower Bridge and London’s skyline, the Blueprint Cafe is the perfect setting for a special date night.

We visited the restaurant over the summer when we were staying in London, and (spoiler alert) would definitely recommend it.

Let’s start with the setting. The restaurant is right by the Thames, and one side of the room is entirely glass, allowing you to see out and watch the world go by as you’re eating your food. We were lucky enough to have great weather while we were there, so the windows were open and there were plenty of boats and tourists wandering past – if you like people-watching, it’s perfect.

Blueprint Cafe London

Next, we need to talk about the food. You know when there are so many good things on the menu that you really struggle choosing? Yeah, that. As I’d arranged the dinner plans as a surprise for Alex, I had already taken a look at their menu online, but on the night there had been some changes, so my preparation had been pointless. For starters, I was really tempted by the citrus cured salmon, but ultimately ended up picking the selection of piggy treats. Here’s what it looked like:

Blueprint Cafe London menu

Alex went for scallops on a bed of squid ink risotto, which looked really striking. For our mains, I went with spring lamb rump, whilst Alex had fish with puy lentils and pig trotters. It was by far the best lamb I’ve ever had, although the dish was slightly let down by this grey-brown sludge that tasted like smoke. It was such an odd taste, and I couldn’t work out if it was supposed to taste that way, or whether it had gone a bit wrong. Either way, it was pushed to the side of the plate…

Best London restaurant

Lastly, for dessert, Alex had the cheese board. I lived vicariously through him as I was too stuffed from my two courses to make room for the three choices I’d had my eye on from the beginning. The waiter took us through most of the cheeses before testing us on our knowledge of the rest, which we didn’t have a clue about!

Best restaurants London

If you happen to be in London, I would recommend paying this place a visit. Most of the reviews I read beforehand focused on the views, which shouldn’t be underestimated, but the food is definitely worth raving about, too.


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