Travel Guide: What to do in Dublin

Ireland is somewhere I’ve been longing to go since I watched the likes of PS I Love You and Leap Year. The romance might have been why I started watching those films, but the scenery is why I stayed. Ireland, you beaut.

So, you can imagine how excited I was when a few days before my birthday, I was told I was being whisked away to Dublin for a long weekend. It’s the stuff of films, dreams, and apparently my actual life.


After a rather hectic early start on Saturday morning, with an alarm failing to go off (my bad!) and a rush to the airport, we landed in Dublin after a short flight. We dropped our bags off at our hotel that was right by the seaside, and headed into the city centre on the train.

I always think there are two options when you’re faced with a brand new city: wandering around until you find something interesting, or jumping on an open top bus. Over the course of the weekend, we did a combination of both, meaning I felt like I saw practically everything whilst also stumbling across little gems like bakeries and bookshops.


A highlight of the trip was the Guinness Storehouse. What a cliche, but really, who can go to Ireland without drinking Guinness? I was pleasantly surprised actually, given that I’ve tried it before (albeit in a grotty Wetherspoons) and really didn’t like it. We took part in a tasting session, drinking the Guinness out of mini-pint glasses which were very cute. Maybe it was the sweet glasses, maybe it was because it was straight from the source; either way, it tasted grand.


We finished the tour in their Gravity Bar, which is at the top of the Storehouse and has a 360 degree view of Dublin. Pretty cool, even if there was a stag group who had obviously passed on the mini-pints and gone straight for the barrels.


Sunday’s wanderings led us to Trinity College, a yummy cafe called KC Peaches (would definitely recommend!), and a selection of museums. I couldn’t help but notice that the architecture in Dublin was a bit of a mish-mash. Half of the buildings were gorgeous and had obviously been there a long time, etched in history, whilst the other half were super modern and looked a bit out of place. I wonder if it’s because I’m so used to Bath, a place where new buildings pretty much have to look like the old ones.

On our final day, which was my actual birthday, we jumped on the train and headed to Howth, a beautiful seaside town a few miles away from Dublin. We strolled along the fishing pier, avoided seagulls like the plague, and tucked into authentic fish and chips that really hit the spot. As we headed back to grab our bags and head to the airport, we snorted with laughter at our new favourite podcast, My Dad Wrote A Porno.


Despite the odd shower, it was an awesome weekend, and I left knowing that Dublin now holds a very special place in my heart.



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