October Favourites & Catch Up

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog. I’ve been experimenting with other blogs and YouTube, as well as working on new skills like photography and calligraphy, and all that has meant other things have had to take a back seat for a while.

Still, it’s nice to be here once more, and I’m already planning and writing blog posts for the upcoming weeks, so I’m hoping I can really pick this up again regularly.

October seems like it was a fairly quiet month after a hectic summer and September filled with weekends away and day trips to places like London and Dublin. I managed to see a new band I discovered on Spotify in Bristol, who were great live. I’d recommend listening to Honne if you get some time, and I quite often have their album on in the background as it’s pretty easy listening.

I finally caved and bought a new phone, as well as treating myself to a beautiful Kate Spade case. I’d been lusting after them online and was able to get £10 off in store so couldn’t resist! I’m still getting used to the size of the iPhone 7 compared with the old 5s I had, but the camera is so much better and I don’t miss the headphone jack at all.

I tried out a food delivery service called HelloFresh that sends you all the ingredients you need for 5 meals for 2. The meals were great and I will definitely be making them again, but it is an expensive way to eat. Considering I can buy all our groceries for a week for the same price of 5 HelloFresh dinners, I don’t think I’ll be doing this often in the future. Still, it was great and I’ve seen a lot of offers for it on Groupon, so give it a go if you get the chance!

Alex also made me the most incredible lamb and mint pie for dinner, which took a while but was 100% worth the wait. I need to up my cooking game…

We carved pumpkins for the first time since we were children for Halloween. My goal was to make Casper the Friendly Ghost but my dad told me it ended up looking more like a fat gingerbread man!

I’ve been practising my calligraphy skills with the beautiful Nib & Ink book my brother gave me for my birthday. It’s harder than I expected it to be, but also more relaxing. I’m filming my progress so I’ll post the video on my blog as well as a summary of how I’m getting on with it soon.

Lastly, I’ve been buying little winter bits like thick socks and an oversized double-sided scarf from Primark to prepare me for cold New York in a few weeks time. We’re working out a rough itinerary of things we’d like to see, and I’m taking inspiration from Hannah’s Travel Guide from when she went last year.

Wishing you all a beautiful November, full of fireworks and cosy nights in!


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