My Week in Five

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I’m having a relaxing day before seeing friends tonight and cooking for my family tomorrow. Here are five things that made my week:


1. Spending a long weekend in London playing tourist. We stayed near Canary Wharf, visited the Muhammad Ali exhibition at the O2, and rode around on open top buses without a care in the world. A perfect start to the week. Oh, and the food was INSANE.

Food at Blueprint Cafe

2. Beginning an ebook by one of my favourite bloggers, Forever Amber. Amber has written a book about her blogging secrets, which I’m finding really useful as well as a great read. It’s a very similar style to her blog, so perfect for anyone who’s already a fan.

3. The recipe app, Yummly. I was trying to use Pinterest for recipes but so many are American and use cups, which I don’t have, so I’ve switched to Yummly. It’s packed with amazing ideas for whatever type of cuisine or meal you need inspiration for. I’ve just planned all my meals for this week without leaving the app – perfect!

4. The sunshine! It’s about time we had a bit of a summer. I would love it if it could stay this way for the next few months (or all year round!) and I’m actually getting to wear my summer wardrobe. Thank god; it was getting tiring carrying my umbrella round with me everywhere I went…

Holiday photos

5. Listening to The Guilty Feminist. I’ve really got into podcasts recently and this is one of my favourites. It’s absolutely hilarious whilst also being quite hard-hitting at times. I’m recommending it to every feminist I know.


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