Goodbye March, hello April

March has been a funny old month. The end of February and beginning of March is probably the most difficult time I’ve had, and I’m still trying to find a way to carry on after losing someone so close to me.

Weirdly, it’s also the most inspired I’ve felt in ages, probably because writing has always been somewhat of an outlet for me. I fell out of love with blogging a few months ago but now I feel like I’ve got some of my motivation back. I want to be able to look back and remember all the things I did, from the mundane to the super exciting, and to write about anything I feel like sharing because it’s my little space. I’ve been managing to keep up once a week recently (usually every Wednesday) and I hope to be able to continue that.

It’s definitely been a month of culture with a trip to the Colston Hall to see Einaudi and a night at Komedia watching Omid Djalili (post coming soon). Both were so good and it’s made me want to plan something similar at least once every month as it breaks up the week and gives me something to look forward to. We’ve lined up tickets to see Raleigh Ritchie in April so we’re making good on this already. We also managed a cheeky bank holiday trip to Bristol Zoo, which was a great day out even if it was super busy. I hadn’t been there since I was in sixth form, and driving under Clifton suspension bridge made me remember what a beautiful part of the country we live in.

I had a massive clear out of my clothes after watching this video by Vivianna Does Makeup on capsule wardrobes. I love the idea of only owning things that a) I love and b) actually go together. I’m definitely guilty of buying random things in a sale without thinking about what I’d wear them with, and even though I don’t think I could manage having a set amount of clothes for a season, I do like the idea of having a more minimal wardrobe and being honest with myself about the items I haven’t worn in over a year. I’ve given lots away to a good home and I’m loving the amount of extra space I have in the flat. One thing I have bought is a new pair of Jamie jeans, because they’re just oh so comfy and fit me so well. High waists FTW.

I finally bit the bullet and splurged on a bottle of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which I’ve seen raved about constantly online. It is expensive but as I’m only using 3 drops a night, I’m hoping it will last me a long time (the woman in the shop said a year but I’ll wait to be convinced of that one). First impressions are that I’m loving it, mostly for the smell. I actually don’t normally like things with such a strong smell (Cowshed, I’m looking at you) but this is really soothing and makes me feel like I’m going to have a great night’s sleep, probably because of the lavender.  I might write a review after using it a bit more, especially when I start trying out something else I’ve read loads about: double cleansing (read about it here).

I’ve settled into my new job and finally feel I have a bit more time for working out. As well as standard gym sessions, I’ve also been to fitness classes which resulted in me feeling broken for about a week, but ultimately I felt good for doing them. I’ll have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model in no time (orrrrr not).

I’ve been getting back into reading more blogs now I’m writing again and have particularly loved Hannah Gale‘s style of writing which is super relatable, and Jen Carrington‘s endless motivation to go for the things you want in life. Book-wise, I’m reading and loving another Paul Auster book called Mr Vertigo, which is about a boy who tries to learn how to fly. Excellent as always, and maybe a review coming soon.

Hope you all had a great month, and here’s to a fun-filled April!


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