April 2016 New Book Releases

One of my goals for this year was to try and read at least two books each month, and so far I’ve managed to stick to this. As I mentioned in my round-up, most of these have been non-fiction and business related, and I’m finding it so interesting, probably because they’re unlike what I’d normally choose from a bookshelf. Still, I’m always on the look out for new stories and new authors who I’m going to fall in love with. In the month coming up, here are some new releases I’m hoping to get my hands on:

 April 2016 Book Releases

All At Sea – Decca Aitkenhead

Decca’s memoir details life after she watched her son drown, along with with her partner who was trying to save him. It explores the life they shared before that dreadful day, and how it changed everything.

There Once Were Stars – Melanie McFarlane

This is the story of a girl who lives in a Dome, which protects her and the people around her from deadly radiation that poisoned everything outside. Natalia Greyes knows that’s how it’s been for the past four generations and accepts it, until she sees someone outside the Dome, causing her to question everything.

 Join – Steve Toutonghi

Join follows the story of a couple, Chance and Leap, and a new technology that allows minds to unite their consciousness. What initially seems like a celebration of tech actually reveals a dark future.

The Midnight Watch – David Dyer

A fictionalised version of events of the night the Titanic sank. Told from the perspective of The Californian, a boat that witnessed the entire event, it tries to understand why those on board saw all eight distress flares and did nothing to help.

What will you be reading?


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