Einaudi Concert

  When I recently told people I was going to see Einaudi in concert with an extremely excited look on my face, I was mostly disappointed by the blank looks that were shot back at me. And, if I’m honest, before I met Alex I’d have had exactly the same reaction. Whilst I’d definitely heard his music before, I’d never known Einaudi by name, even though he’s responsible for songs on countless TV and film soundtracks. Still, he’s worth spending some time listening to; I never fail to feel refreshed and creative after putting an album of his on.

We saw him at the Colston Hall in Bristol, which was completely sold out along with the other dates on his tour. It was good to see such a mix of people in the audience, as in the past when I’ve been to classical music concerts there it’s mainly been older people. The first half focused on his new album, Elements, which has been played often in our flat since it came out.

The second half felt slightly more experimental to me, with the use of more flashing lights and a tank of water transformed into a musical instrument. The musicians Einaudi surrounded himself with were incredibly talented, with them all being able to play multiple instruments. I’ve never been very musical and I was in awe of their performances from start to finish.

I saw in the programme that Einaudi has added some dates to his tour in July, so anyone who missed out on this leg of the tour might still be able to get tickets. For us, it was a date night with a spot of culture and something I’d 100% recommend, even if you think classical music probably isn’t for you.

And in case you haven’t seen this, click here to see Einaudi taking on Sia and Sam Smith.




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