Moroccan Adventures: Part 2


In case you missed Part 1 of our adventures in Morocco, you can find it here.

Atlas Mountains

I’m going to start off this post with what was one of my favourite days of the whole trip. We got up early to be ready for the 4×4 which was picking us up, and slowly began our ascent into the mountains. When we first got to Morocco, I expected the weather to be sunny from dawn until dusk, but actually the mornings were usually rather misty. I wondered whether this had something to do with it being so close to the mountains.


As we headed into the mountains, it was misty again and it gave them an other worldly feeling as we climbed higher and higher. We stopped at various points along the way to learn more about the landscape and to take pictures. Our guide was very jolly and at times liked to stand perilously close to the edge of the rocks with sheer drops, but he clearly was very knowledgeable in the ways of the area.


We walked along an oasis and kept seeing plastic tables and chairs in pools of water, which we later found out were ‘Natural Fish Spas’ – I think we’ve all seen those places that encourage you to let fish eat the dead skin off your feet. Needless to say that wasn’t something we were keen to try!


After a few hours, we stopped for breakfast at a house in a Berber village. By this point it was getting really hot as the mist had cleared, and we were happy to get to some shade in the riad. Once again, I was struck by how simple the way of life was out there, and the children were very excited to see us. The tour guide brought them snacks and a family also gave them colouring books and pencils as it was clear they didn’t have a lot. Breakfast was a simple meal of homemade bread and honey with mint tea, and then we were off again.


After more driving and climbing higher, we stopped to see more argan oil being made, and then went for lunch at a restaurant that overlooked the mountains. It was beautiful and the food was delicious, although we did have to cover our heads from time to time as we were sat under a tree that insisted on dropping its fruit on us!


After lunch, we began to head back, but not before stopping at one of the highest points in the mountains. It was incredible to take in the view and recognise how small we were in comparison. It also felt a world away from life’s little worries and all the things that so easily fill our minds at home like to do lists and social media. I felt really lucky to be able to experience all this, and even luckier to do it with Alex by my side.


Argan Oil Massage

We took time out one afternoon to visit a Moroccan spa and treated ourselves to a 2 hour massage with argan oil. It was so cheap that it would have been rude not to! It’s something that I’d definitely recommend doing because the oil left my skin feeling brand new and replenished which it needed after being in the sun so much.



We spent a morning travelling by horse and cart to see some of the more rural areas of Agadir. What was most shocking was the severe difference between rich and poor, which was obvious even from just looking on either side of a road. Some houses had carpets for doors or were half built, whereas others were gated with large two/three storey houses and flowering gardens. Because Morocco is so cheap (or at least land was in the not too distant past), a lot of Europeans went there and built holiday houses, driving prices up and leaving it so that Moroccans can’t always afford to buy land in their own country.

After this, we headed to the medina which is a remade version of what the old places in Morocco used to look like. This particular medina was built by an Italian architect who lives right by it. Within there was an interesting mix of old and new architecture, with a lot of it being made by hand. People apparently pay to have weddings there but it is quite expensive, understandably because it is such a unique venue. We finished the trip with more mint tea and headed back to the hotel for an afternoon on the beach.

IMG_1181 IMG_1182

Camel Ride

The night before our last, we headed back to an area near the medina and got ready for our sunset camel ride. I was really apprehensive about doing this as they’re so high off the ground and when they stand up it’s incredibly jerky. Luckily, me and Alex shared a camel so he could hold me tight to stop me falling off as the camel stood up.

IMG_8189 IMG_8201

It was an oddly relaxing way to spend an evening, with the camel not moving too quickly and us being able to travel through areas that wouldn’t have been accessible by a car. At times, the camels would grow tired of all the flies landing on them and would deliberately walk straight into the bushes to brush them off which took some getting used to! We ended up at a national park to see the sun set across a lake, and then headed back. It was amazing to be able to see a camel up close, and I never realised how big their heads were!


Obviously in between all the days out, we made sure we had plenty of time to relax and I managed to get through 4 books, which I’ll be posting reviews on soon. It really was an incredible holiday and gave me some much-needed perspective on the important things in life. One of my next projects is to make a big scrapbook of all the photos we took (which was a lot) so that we’ve got them to look back on in years to come.

Now, where should we head off to next?!

Holly x

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