My June Favourites!

As months go, June has been pretty good. I’ve properly settled into my new job now, I blogged more than I have done in any other month since starting my blog, and the weather has (for the most part) been lovely! Here are my favourite things from the past few weeks:

Book: with the sunshine being out more, I’m looking forward to making the most of lying out in it with a good book. I added a lot of books to my To Be Read list this month, but am officially on a book buying ban to let me get through some of the giant stack in my room. This month’s favourite has to be Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk.

Fight Club - Chuck Palahniuk

Film: Jurassic World, of course! What’s not to love about dinosaurs and Chris Pratt (although he’ll forever be Andy from Parks and Rec in my eyes). The best thing was watching it with contacts in, which doesn’t sound like a big deal, but when you’ve constantly battled for the last few years between either trying (and failing) to balance 3D glasses on top of your normal glasses, or just sacrificing clear sight for the sake of 3D, it’s pretty revolutionary. I know that cinemas are doing clip on 3D glasses now, but no one has ever been nice enough to offer them to me…

Place: Lacock! I posted here about my trip to see Pride & Prejudice at an outdoor theatre at Lacock Abbey. Yes, it rained, but it was still such a good night.

Lacock - Pride & Prejudice

Blogs: A lot of my time has been spent reading blogs this month. I always enjoy reading my friend Hannah’s Sunday catch-ups, and Forever Amber’s blog is flawless.

Music: Music in summer is always so much better, isn’t it?! I’m not really a festival-goer, but I did make sure I watched Lionel on TV at Glastonbury. HE’S. AMAZING. Also on my playlist this month has been G.R.L., WALK THE MOON, Rudimental and Fetty Wap (weird name, great songs).

Fashion: I’ve started keeping an eye out for things to get for my holiday in a couple of months. I’m hoping to get most stuff in the sales but I did see and buy a couple of crop tops from River Island:

Topshop Crop Top 1Topshop Crop Top 2

TV: Top Gear! The last one was so good, and I know the trio will be back on another channel but I’m not sure it’ll be the same. Equally though, I have a feeling I’ll probably prefer whatever they’re doing to the new Top Gear with Chris Evans. I’ve also been watching Black Work with Sheridan Smith on ITV: absolutely hooked!

Beauty: I’ve been pretty good this month and not really splurged on cosmetics as I’ve been known to do in the past. I’m still very much in love with Barry M’s Speedy nail varnishes and bought another in a grey/cream colour. Best product this month has to be my Garnier Micellar Water (review coming soon) because it’s just perfect at taking all my makeup off and letting my skin breath, especially since the nights have been so hot!

What were your favourite things this month?

Holly x


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