Unboxing: My Little French Riviera Box!

Ah, I missed a blog post! Sorry, sorry, but I’ve been waiting extra long this month to tell you about My Little Box because they had some issues and everything was dispatched late. Minor annoyance, but at least it’s here now. And I guess that means I now have less time to wait for my next box (always look on the bright side…)

SAM_0579 SAM_0583

Speaking of the bright side, let’s go straight into my favourite item in the box this month: the Sarah Lavoine Sunglasses. I’ve received free sunglasses from magazines in the past and they’ve practically always either gone straight in the bin or been shoved in a drawer and forgotten about. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these were a nice style and the kind of sunglasses that I’d buy myself. I think they look alright on me, although Rocky seems to be pulling them off even more!

SAM_0584 SAM_0585 SAM_0589

The other non-beauty product this month is hard for me to describe. There were two ‘planters’, which are almost like a tarpaulin material, and they’re designed to originally put plants in, although they can also be used to store other things. Unfortunately I didn’t really feel like they were to my taste – definitely not the sort of thing I’d buy for my home. Still, I do like the fact that My Little Box has such diverse products in it, even though that does inevitably mean that sometimes they won’t appeal to everyone.


Moving on to the beauty products, My Little Beauty’s contribution this month was a Sea Salt Fresh Scrub. The tube is very cute and the scrub smells amazing so I’m keen to try this out, although it’s such a good travel size that I may end up taking this to Morocco with me instead (2 months to go!).


There was also a hair product from Kerastase called Ciment Thermique, which is ‘Blow Dry Care for Damaged Hair’. Since dyeing the ends of my hair, I’m always trying to be more careful about what products I use on my hair. I’d be happy to use this because I had another Kerastase product in My Little Box a few months ago and I’ve almost used it all up. I’d like to see more new brands that I haven’t heard of as I think that’s the beauty of boxes like this, but I’m happy that the brand they are repeating is a good one!


Lastly, we have a nail polish! It’s from Loved by Sarah Lavoine, and is a bluey-green colour. Maybe not the colour I’d initially be drawn to in Boots, but a nice colour all the same and I’ve got it on now as I’m typing this. I was impressed with the formula as one coat only already showed the colour beautifully.


I was disappointed I had to wait longer this month for my box, especially as I wasn’t really given a reason for it. Still, I liked the majority of the products I was sent, and I’ll be making use of the sunglasses this week as the weather has been beautiful here in Bath.


What did you think of this month’s box?

Holly x

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