Unboxing: May’s My Little Provence Box

This month, My Little Box have teamed up with L’Occitane to bring subscribers lots of lovely treats, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Before I even opened the box, I noticed how great the box itself was looking, with the pattern on the sides meaning I’ll 100% be reusing this – most likely to store more nail varnishes as my collection seems to be growing again despite my best attempts!



The first lifestyle product was a set of dress-up magnets which reminded me of the ones I used to play with when I was little. The set weighs more than I expected which makes them feel like they’re good quality, and it’s nice to see that My Little Box are including fun products like this every month, rather than just beauty.


Next to draw my attention was the box saying ‘Sunny Things Inside’. I was eager to see what was inside, which turned out to be a DIY embroidery cuff. The good thing about this is that it gives you the chance to be more involved in the box, although I happen to think that the cuff looks pretty good just by itself.

SAM_0553 SAM_0554

On to the L’Occitane beauty products. I have to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from their brand, but I’ve used their stuff by way of free samples in other beauty boxes and magazines.


Two of the products went directly to my mum, which she was very pleased about. The first of these was the Roses et Reines Hand & Nail Cream, not for me because I’m not a massive fan of hand creams and I also don’t like products with rose in. That’s entirely personal taste though, and I’ve been assured by Bev that it’s a quality product. It retails at £14 for the full size. I also gave her the Verbena Leaf Soap, which reminded me of the bars of soap you get in posh hotels. Again, I don’t use bars of soap thanks to my sensitive skin, but it’s nice to know that it won’t go to waste. This is £4.50 per bar.

SAM_0556 SAM_0557

Luckily, the remaining three products were things that were to my taste! The L’Occitane Verbena Body Lotion smells amazing, and it promises not to be sticky or greasy which is one of my pet peeves in moisturiser. At £20 per 250ml, it’s higher end but if it’s good enough I could maybe be persuaded to repurchase if the way it works is as great as it smells.


The L’Occitane Mer & Mistral Shower Gel also looks good, although it seems a bit more masculine than the scents of the other products. The size of it makes it perfect for travelling, so I am likely to wait until I go away for a night or two before trying this one out. £12 for 175ml seems inkeeping with the price range of L’Occitane products.


Finally, the product that I always look forward to the most is something from the My Little Beauty range. This month it was The Amazing Eyeshadow Crayon. I don’t really wear eyeshadow through a combination of not wanting to look too “done up” and the fact that I never seem to have found a shade that works that well (except when the YSL woman encouraged me to try some out). That being said, I really like the idea of an eyeshadow crayon as it seems like it’ll be much easier to apply. The colour is beautiful, and the swatch I took doesn’t do it justice, but I’m looking forward to trying it out when I’ve got a bit more of a tan!

SAM_0565 SAM_0564

This month’s box was on point as always, although it was tough waiting an extra few days when the postman delivered it and no one was in to collect! What was your favourite product of this month’s box?

Holly x


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