My first look into My Little Dream Box this month

My Little Box and I have been in a relationship for quite a while now, and it’s going pretty well. Like, I think they might be The One. They just get me, constantly surprise me, treat me. Yeah, they’re awesome.

My Little Box pre-unwrapping

Of course this month’s was no different. Great products, one in particular that made me feel like they might be reading my mind. I’m always so excited to share what I get in them because they open your eyes to new brands and products; I even gave one to my friend for her birthday (they do gift subscriptions which I think is a pretty cool idea for anyone who’s into beauty products). April’s theme was ‘dream’, and the items were heavenly (bad pun – sorry!).

SAM_0516 The box

Let’s have a look at the beauty-specific products to start with. First up was from the house brand, My Little Beauty, with a Repairing Mask for Dry Ends. It’s £7 for 100ml and they gave you the full size in the box. I love it when they do that! This is definitely going to come in handy during the next few weeks before I can get to the hairdressers’ for them to cut and recolour my hair, and I’ve been looking for something that will sort out my split ends and make them look less eurgh. While I haven’t used this yet, it smells amazing and I’m keen to see how it works.

My Little Beauty Repairing Mask for Dry Ends

Next was a tinted lip balm from Lou Lesage. It retails at £8, which I guess isn’t too bad as it can be used to moisturise as well as add colour. I don’t tend to wear colour on my lips very often but I’d quite like to start so this is a good way to ease into it without going straight to a full-on lipstick, especially as I’ve found a lot of them in the past to be quite drying or short-lasting.

SAM_0533 SAM_0534

My favourite beauty product this month was by Sabé Masson. It’s a perfume stick in a scent called Copacabana. Really, what’s not to love about this? The packaging is bright and exotic and makes me wish I was already on holiday (4 months to go!). It smells exactly as you’d expect it to as well, summery and fresh. The size makes it perfect to fit in your handbag, and at £15 per stick, it’s something I’ll definitely look to purchase other scents to last me through the summer.

SAM_0535 SAM_0536

Now on to the non-beauty items, which I’m always eager to see because they differ so much from month to month. I have to say that I wasn’t thrilled by the first item, a ‘Bonne Etoile’ locket from Delphine Pariente. It would normally retail for £20, but there’s absolutely no way I’d pay that. The string makes it seem a little cheap, and the quality overall leaves much to be desired. The upside is that you get 20% off online if you wanted to browse the rest of the jewellery, but that’s really the only incentive I see to drive people to the shop. I’d have liked to see something better made that made me want to learn more about the brand and products, so this item fell a little flat with me unfortunately. Cool way to package it though!

SAM_0520 SAM_0521 SAM_0523 SAM_0524

I’ve definitely saved the best for last this month. Since I was little I’ve always been obsessed with stationery, and even now I’ve got stacks of notepads, post-its and pens dotted around my house, so you can imagine how happy I was to find an ink pad and 12 variation stamp in my box! It’s a cool pastel blue/green colour and can be switched to different settings such as ‘To Do List’ and patterns of clouds and hearts. I tried it out as soon as I possibly could:

SAM_0525 SAM_0527 SAM_0528 SAM_0529 SAM_0530

I genuinely think that My Little Box are doing so well every month, keeping things interesting by mixing things up especially with the non-beauty products. I can see myself getting this for months, if not years, to come!

What was your favourite from this month’s box?

Holly x



5 thoughts on “My first look into My Little Dream Box this month

  1. Great review, how cute is the necklace 🙂 !!!

    I recently decided to become an Independent Consultant for Arbonne, would you mind sharing my link amongst your followers and even give me a #Like too (more reach the better) – 🍊🍃🍓

    All our products are all organic and botanically based #Cosmetics #Skincare #Body #Nutrition – feel free to contact me for more info or shop online @ would be great if you could blog a review, thanks x


  2. Another great blog Hols!
    I like all of the items and could n’t possibly choose a favourite!
    Already looking forward to next months …
    Mum xx


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