My Little Box: January 2015

I’m the kind of person who loves having things to look forward to. Booking tickets for events, holidays, release dates for books and films – whatever it is, it’s nice to know that something is happening in the near future that I can get excited about. It was, therefore, an absolute no-brainer for me to sign up to My Little Box when I found out it was coming to the UK a few months ago. It arrives at my door every month full of goodies, and it genuinely makes my day every time.

Let’s skip back a bit. Beauty boxes have been around for quite a while. I remember years ago, when I had a mildly unhealthy magazine addiction, talk of beauty boxes would appear every so often and I’d always think that they were a great idea for getting new brands out there as well as new products. However, it was a few years after I first heard about them that I decided to get on board and actually give one a go.

I started my love of these boxes with Birchbox. Their website says they’ve been going since 2010 and it was quite clear from the first box I got that they know what they’re doing. I won’t go on about them seeing as they’re not what this post is about, but I wanted to mention them because they’re responsible for my love of this idea. If you want to know more about them, head over to: – you can also buy products from their website so it’s got a bit of a one-stop shop vibe going on which saves time looking elsewhere for products you’ve received and loved.

The reason I gave up my Birchbox subscription, at least for now, is because I discovered My Little Box. I’ve been trying to think back to where I first heard it talked about, and I think I’ve managed to pinpoint it to Fleur De Force’s blog. This is the article that piqued my curiosity: – and, not long after this, I started my subscription. I did have Birchbox and My Little Box running together for a month or two but I ultimately settled for the latter because it was giving so much more than just beauty products and felt like more value for money. (I do still have all my Birchbox boxes, though, and they’re so useful for storing things in!)

Since I started my subscription to My Little Box, there hasn’t been a single month that I’ve been disappointed. It’s introduced me to loads of new beauty products, and with every box there has been at least one thing I would definitely purchase when it runs out. On top of this, there have been some amazing non-beauty products which have completely won me over. One of my favourites has to be a red and white polka dot microwavable heat pack; anyone who knows me and how cold I always seem to be will not be surprised at how much of a godsend it’s been!

This month’s box has been no different, so I thought I’d show you what I got in it and I’ll be posting reviews later down the line about any of the items included in it that really stood out for me. Each month has a different theme, and to fit in with the January habit of making resolutions and getting in shape, this one is called My Little Energy Box.


They always come with a little A5 poster and it would be quite cool over time to make a collage of all of these up on the noticeboard I have in my room. I’d probably go as far as having one or two framed and up on the wall somewhere if I had more room for them.


There’s also a mini-magazine, My Little World, which features interviews, tutorials, recipes and this month’s even has a workout calendar. I seem to have developed a bit of a phobia of exercise in recent years but I’m trying to shake this off so I may have to use this as my inspiration and stop with the excuses already. Tying in with this is the main non-beauty item of the month, which is a small workout bag that you’d take with you to the gym. I’m not sure if this is something I’d use because I don’t think there’d be enough space in it for everything I’d have with me, but it’s a nice idea and I’m sure at some point I’ll find a use for it!

IMG_6651IMG_6649 (1)-001

The other non-beauty product this month was an A5 calendar with pretty patterns in as well as extra pages for notes and ideas for making the seasons that bit more special. I’ve never really been massively into calendars as I tend to just pop the things I need to remember into my phone, but this one doesn’t take up much room so I may have to take it to work and put it on my desk to brighten things up. My only fault with this is that I’d have found it more handy to have in the December box because then I could have started using it from January 1st, rather than starting midway through a month (I don’t know why but starting things in the middle of the month feels really weird to me). For those of you less neurotic than me, I’m sure there wouldn’t be any issue with this at all, and of course it’s very in-keeping with the theme for the month.


Now onto the beauty stuff. My Little Box really does go that extra mile when it comes to presentation, and all the beauty products can be found in a dotted drawstring bag. Much like the Birchbox boxes, I have been saving all of these as well but have no clue what to do with them – any ideas would be welcome!


First up is the Talika Photo-Hydra Day moisturiser. I can’t say I’ve heard of this brand before but I’m getting to the end of the moisturiser I have been using (another from My Little Box) so it’s definitely going to be one I’ll be trying soon. There is a booklet to accompany the box that tells you some background of the products as well, and the brand has been around for 60 years. I’m thinking the reason I may not have come across it before is how much it would normally cost – £43.50 for 50ml, which is more than I’d usually spend on a moisturiser. However, the sample given is 30ml which is a good size and enough to get a proper feel for the product, so I’ve got high hopes that this one might be featured on the blog in due course!


Next is an Energising Mist from My Little Beauty which, you’ve guessed it, is part of the same brand as My Little Box. They have a range of products available on My Little Corner which I’m yet to check out but the products I’ve had so far from the brand have been good quality and nicely packaged. I was hoping to use this product when I went on holiday this month as it’s nice and refreshing as well as smelling incredible, but I ended up being too ill to go (Sod’s Law!). I’ll have to settle for using this in cold, albeit unusually sunny at the moment, England. It promises to ‘do it all’, containing antioxidants, vitamin C and green tea. It’s not the kind of product I’d usually pick up in a shop to buy, but maybe this could convert me…


Last, but definitely not least, is my favourite product from this month’s box: Nails Inc nail varnish in the shade ‘tate’. I’ve bought polish in similar shades in the past, and I’ve always liked the Nails Inc varnishes too so I’m looking forward to getting to use this. It looks to me as if Nails Inc have changed their logo (they might have done this ages ago and I’ve just not noticed), and I’m trying to work out whether I like it as much as the old one. Either way, as long as they’ve kept their formula the same then I’m sure I’ll have no complaints. I’ve also got my eye on some of their other products so watch this space!


For those of you that love beauty products, or for those that want a bit more from subscription boxes like these, I think My Little Box is pretty perfect. It’s £14.95 a month including P&P, which is incredible when you take into account how much the products would be all together (the nail varnish alone would be £11). I love it so much that I’m actually planning on buying one for a friend as a birthday present. It’s starting to sound like I work for them (sadly, I don’t) but really, it’s just a great idea and product and you get the sense that they put a lot of effort and thought into each and every month. Head over to to have a look yourself, and let me know what you think!

Holly x


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